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Take advantage of the commuter post, our job portal with jobs from all over West Mecklenburg. Advertise your job vacancies with a free listing and find skilled workers in the region.


Our commuter post has been around since 2012. It has evolved from a print product to today's e-paper. The Wirtschaftsförderung Südwestmecklenburg is proud to have been able to offer you such an effective tool for finding jobs in the West Mecklenburg region for several years now.

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with the digital commuter mail

The digital commuter mail brings you many advantages: It contains all the important information for job seekers and provides you with job offers in the districts of Ludwigslust-Parchim, Nordwestmecklenburg and in the state capital Schwerin. All company sizes are represented in the job selection.

Thanks to our social media marketing in various networks, Pendlerpost's growing portfolio of job offers has long since spread beyond the Westmecklenburg region.

We are proud to be able to offer the Westmecklenburg region a strong tool for recruiting skilled workers in the future with the digital job portal.

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Success stories

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"As a medical technology company, we need dedicated loyal employees, which we have always found in Parchim and the surrounding area."

Dr. Dirk Forberger
Chairman of the Board RoweMed AG -Medical 4 Life

Dr Dirk Forberger is a family man and holds a doctorate in business administration. He has been on the board of RoweMed AG for 12 years. In its search for skilled workers, the globally active innovative medtech company focuses on regionality and regularly advertises vacancies in the WiFöG project "Pendlerpost".

RoweMed AG -Medical 4 Life

Juri-Gagarin-Ring 4, 19370 Parchim

Oliver Schindler
Managing Partner

Working in a real candy factory - in Southwest Mecklenburg this childhood dream has become reality. In Boizenburg on the Elbe, innovative production technology is used to manufacture everything that tastes good in three large factories: sweets, toffees, lollipops and colourful fruit gums. A total of over 93 million sweet treats roll off the production line every day and are sold in over 40 countries worldwide. The companies Sweet Tec, Toffee Tec and Sweet Pack Tec are affectionately known as "the candy factory" and now employ more than 600 people in an area of over 32,000 square metres. All three companies were founded by Oliver Schindler, who still loves to snack on his own products.

Sweet Tec GmbH

Lindhorst 4, 19258 Boizenburg

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Further training opportunities, promotion prospects and free training in our fitness studio - we offer our employees all this on top in addition to a secure job. And for years, Pendlerpost has been the perfect platform for us to find skilled workers from the region.

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Katrin Almert
Assistant to the Managing Director, Project Manager Commuter Mail
Christine Pinnow
Project Manager Skilled Workers & Corporate Services

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