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Find your crew and, most importantly, cool people who will fuel the success of your start-up like a rocket! If your team is currently still incomplete, then check out our digital job portal.


Here you can advertise for free and hire everyone from newbies to old hands for your company. The commuter post is a popular job-finding tool and brings you competent professionals from the region.

Successfully find skilled workers

WiFöG brings and keeps you together. We provide you with promising tools for finding employees for your start-up. With the family seal, the Westmecklenburg job portal, you have what it takes to attract skilled workers and keep them in your company for the long term. Let us certify your company. Then you can set an example for family-friendly work in your advertisements on our platform and in public and position yourself as an attractive employer with your employee benefits. If you create opportunities to combine family and career, your company will become a magnet for the best skilled workers.

Your advantages


Find highly qualified professionals in your region with our job portal for Westmecklenburg. You can advertise your vacancies free of charge via the e-paper. Readers can then filter the advertisements in their search and view them in detail.

Thanks to our social media marketing in various networks, our job portal has long since spread beyond the West Mecklenburg region.

We are proud to be able to make a valuable contribution to securing skilled workers in West Mecklenburg with this digital tool. You too can use it for the success of your start-up.

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