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The compatibility of career and family is an important criterion for most employees when looking for a job. Especially among the younger generation, a harmonious balance between children and career will become increasingly important in the future.

Companies that create a family-friendly working environment therefore have an enormous competitive advantage. If you lay the foundations for a good work-life balance for your employees, you will have a better chance of recruiting highly qualified workers and specialists. We support companies that are committed to family-friendliness. Apply now for the family seal.

Our family seal

More than just an award

The family seal was awarded for the first time in 2015 and is an award for family-friendly companies in the Ludwigslust-Parchim district. Regardless of whether it is a start-up, a medium-sized company or a corporate group - every company, association or administration has the chance to apply for the "family-friendly employer" seal. The decisive arguments for certification are not only flexible working hours or home office. We also pay attention to an appreciative corporate culture and opportunities for further training in the company so that your employees can grow together with their company. Other decisive criteria are company health management and your commitment to the region.


In the first step, we evaluate your completed application form. If you have achieved the necessary score, an audit with the management and employees will take place at your company. A jury will meet with you personally to assess your employer-friendly offers. The members of the jury are representatives of the District Chamber of Crafts, the Schwerin Chamber of Industry and Commerce, WiFöG, the Employers' Service, the Alliance for the Family, the Office for Equality of the Ludwigslust-Parchim district and the welfare organisations.

Our family seal

What speaks in favour

Find skilled workers more easily

Most employees are already on the lookout for family-friendly jobs when they are looking for work. Flexible working hours, support services and training opportunities are important criteria that increase the attractiveness of a job. A company that is known for being family-friendly has a much better chance of attracting the perfect applicants. A good work-life balance is a win-win situation for everyone, especially for top performers.


Easier to retain skilled workers

Family-friendly companies have more satisfied employees in the long run. Satisfaction not only has a positive effect on performance. Your employees also feel good in your company and see no reason to change jobs. A low fluctuation rate in the company saves you time-consuming, cost-intensive recruiting and keeps the existing know-how in the company.


Increased motivation and identification

People who manage to balance their professional and private lives are more motivated and more willing to perform. In addition, everyone benefits from a job in which individuals have room for ideas and in which there is room for personal development. Employees feel more motivated to go beyond what is required and to commit themselves to the company. Employee loyalty also increases and who doesn't want people in the company who are as passionate about the company as you are?


Save on operating expenses

Motivated employees are generally healthier and are less likely to take sick leave. In addition, the fluctuation rate decreases. Both save the company money. So ensure a high level of satisfaction in your team. Recruiting is time-consuming and expensive, and training new employees and transferring knowledge also costs time and money. Also consider the immense loss of knowledge as soon as an accomplished professional leaves your company.


The family seal as a brand

In recent years, we have established the Family Seal as a brand in the district, because family friendliness pays off in many ways. Skilled workers want to be able to combine family and job, so they specifically look for the seal. Those who know that people are the most important capital have understood that the largest and most modern machinery is of no use if there is no one to operate it. Even the most innovative products are of no use if no one is there to promote and sell them. People are and remain the linchpin. Apply now and show everyone that you focus on your employees. 

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